Kensal Green Series

The Kensal Green Series is an active series with a growing number of paintings, all of which are based on one photograph (taken by Holly in February 2020) of the colours and textures of the mausoleum wall in the Kensal Green Cemetery, London, England. Established at the beginning of the Victorian era, the cemetery is an extraordinary collage of elaborate crypts and graves, the final resting place of people from the upper class to paupers. In her paintings, Holly is most interested in embodying the cemetery’s exquisite beauty despite its decay, and not only its physicality, but how the cracks and dilapidation continue to connect us to the thousands of stories that could be told by the people who are buried there … people who had complex lives, dreams, challenges, thoughts, ideas, fears and joys, soft lips, brown eyes, dearly loved ones, and so on … just like we do today.